"I am so glad Spring Hill has a school like Discovery Lane! My toddler and my pre-schooler have tremendously benefited from the programs offered. The staff couldn't be more professional and not to mention more loving to my children...Thanks Discovery Lane!"

"I found Discovery Lane to be a wonderful nurturing environment for my son. He grew educationally as well as emotionally, and is now well-prepared to begin kindergarten. I would recommend the school to anyone searching for a safe, clean environment where your child is encouraged to be their best. We loved it so much that we are enrolling our second child."
-Deborah R

"My daughter began her preschool experience at DLDS during it's flagship year. It was fantastic! The teachers are very caring and attentive. My daughter, age three learned her numbers, letters, shapes and colors. More importantly, she learned valuable social skills that she desperately needed! Prior to preschool she spent all of her time with mommy, so it was an adjustment for her. By the end of the school year she was very sad to part with her friends and wonderful teachers. She is looking forward to starting Pre K in the fall. I would highly recommend this program to anyone that wants a caring, nurturing and fun environment, for play and academics, for your preschool age child."
-Tonja Bell 
"I had never used child-care before and was frankly quite apprehensive about leaving my 2 year old on the first day we went to Discovery Lane. I walked Isaac in to his room that first day and haven't looked back. Isaac is loved at Discovery Lane. His teachers and the faculty look forward to seeing him and treat him like one of their own. Not only am I comfortable with leaving my precious boy at Discovery Lane, I feel as if he has thrived by being there. Thanks for blessing our family, we love you guys too."
-Mark H  

"Since I'm a stay-at-home mother, my husband and I struggled with whether or not we should enroll our daughter into a day school program. Our daughter was 22 months old at the time and very healthy and active. But, she would only say a few words and in order to communicate, she would point or grunt. We decided to try Discovery Lane Day School to see if being around other children would encourage her to talk more. This turned out to be one of the best decisions we've ever made. In just the few months that she's been enrolled, she can talk in complete sentences, recite her alphabet, count to ten and identify colors. The staff and teachers at Discovery Lane Day School are wonderful. They are the sweetest, most patient, most caring and talented group imaginable. The teachers are constantly working to create educational and fun activities and projects for the children. Our daughter has blossomed at Discovery Lane Day School and we are just thrilled!"
Best Wishes,
-Layla Thompson  

"We are delighted to have our son as a student at DLDS! He has learned so much this past year and continues to learn new and fun things everyday. I recommend the school to everybody with pre school age children who want a happy and healthy place for their kids to play and learn!"
-Sharon Campbell  
Mom of 3 , ages 6, 3 and 11 months