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Our Curriculum

Our students can enjoy a variety of learning centers every day. These include the Writing Center, Library Center, Computer Station, and various Activity Centers with blocks, puzzles, table toys, and dress-up/imaginary play. We also have a variety of toys that are incorporated in rotation.

We have special days for the kids throughout the year such as “firetruck day” where we have a visit from the Spring Hill Fire Department – complete with the firetruck, of course! We also have “balloon days” with a visit from a local balloon artist who makes balloons for the kids to take home. We have magic shows, dress up days, holiday parades, visits from Santa, Dr. Suess Birthday Celebrations, Crazy Hat Days, and even Park Ranger Days!

Our curriculums are custom designed by each teacher for their own classroom. Teachers tailor their lessons and crafts to the skill levels and interests of their students. They follow a monthly calendar to guide their curriculum development based on the letter, number, color, and shape themes for each week.

Wendy Lane, Owner and Founder of Discovery Lane Day School, says, “I have a degree in elementary education and use my knowledge and experience in education to guide our teachers in developing their own exciting curriculums for their classes. This method has served us extremely well for the 13 years we have been open. Teachers are excited to bring their own ideas and inspiration to life to give their students the best learning experience possible. Time and again, parents have shared that their children were extremely prepared for school. Most importantly, because we make learning fun at Discovery Lane, our students develop a strong foundation of a love of learning.”


Our toddler class is for children ages 16 months to two and a half years of age. Our toddler class sizes are smaller, which allows our teachers to be even more hands on. Our toddler program is designed to build a foundation of social skills and a love of learning from a young age. 



Our preschool curriculum is developed by our director, Wendy Lane. The curriculum is based upon the needs and abilities of each age group. Our low student-to-teacher ratio gives our students and teachers the opportunity to strengthen academic and social skills tailored to each child’s unique learning needs. Our preschool program builds early reading and math skills to prepare children for our Pre-K program and beyond.


Our Pre-K program is second-to-none in preparing children for school. Our Pre-K program focuses on reading and math readiness. We also encourage students to build self-reliance by practicing practical skills and work habits.  

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