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Now Accepting Applications 

for the 2024-2025 School Year



Our school year runs from August through May, with a Summer Session for the months of June and July. We have open enrollment until all classes are full.


 Applications should include completed forms, immunization record, and emergency contact forms as well as the application fee.

For more information call



  • Are our teachers certified?
    At DLDS, our teachers are either degreed, certified, or have experience working with young children. All teachers are required to receive 18 hours of continuing education each year. All teachers are CPR certified.
  • Do children have to be potty trained?
    No, your child does not have to be potty trained! We will be glad to work on that with you when your child is ready. Just let us know what methods you are using at home, and we will do our best to incorporate them at school.
  • What types of snacks do you provide?
    Snacks vary each day. We offer a variety of healthy selections such as: animal crackers, Cheerios, popcorn, Goldfish crackers, snack mix, pretzels, and Nilla wafers. On special occasions, we may offer cookies or cupcakes, but this is rare.
  • Do we allow peanut butter to be packed in lunches?
    Yes, peanut butter is allowed in your child's lunch. However, due to the prevalence of childhood peanut allergies, we will never put those children with peanut butter at a lunch table with a child who is allergic.
  • If we miss a week from school, do we still pay the same tuition rate for that month? Or if the school is closed do we still pay the same rate?"
    Yes, our rate is the same each month. Our tuition is based on the school year. For convenience the tuition is divided up evenly into 10 monthly payments due at the beginning of each month
  • How often are the children outside?
    As long as the temperature is above 35 and below 95, and there is no inclement weather, the children will go outside for an hour each day.
  • If the children are unable to go outside due to weather, what do they do instead?"
    Our rainy day activities vary. We may have extra discovery time in the classroom, we may sing and dance, complete and extra art project, or we may watch an educational DVD.
  • What type of punishment do we use?
    The policy at DLDS is to re-direct inappropriate behavior whenever possible. This works best with young children, and can be done unobtrusively. As a last resort, we will use time-out equaling the same number of minutes as the child's age.
  • How many teachers are in each room?
    There are two teachers in each room. Our student to teacher ratios vary according to age group, but there will always be two teachers in every room.
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